Happy Friday, Darling Weekly readers! OMG, our 100th issue!! What a big milestone! I think back to when we started DW and how much has changed. Time really does fly!

On another note, this week in during my two yoga classes, the focus of our practice was 'trust'. Not necessarily trusting others, but more about trusting yourself. I have tried to trust myself more as my week continued. As I have mentioned before, I am currently staying at home with my two children (2 and 6 months). I can not tell you how often something happens with one of them and I get down on myself---I can question my actions/reactions to them and go over and over in my mind thinking: "was that the right think to do?" Listen, no one is perfect and of course we can all do better but I need to TRUST myself and know that I care and love for my children and because of that, it will all work out. I need to TRUST that it will be ok and forgive myself for the moments that weren't ideal.

Everyone is faced with situations on a daily basis, some of which we could not have predicted and they throw us off course. These 'bumps in the road,' if you will, can send us in one of two directions: down a negative spiral or on an upward positive path. TRUST yourself and deal with whatever comes your way in the best way YOU know how!

Have a wonderful weekend! Take the good with the bad and most importantly TRUST yourself! Enjoy issue #100!

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