Hello readers! Hope you have enjoyed your week.

Life is busy! Even on an "uneventful day" there are things to do, clothes to fold, dishes to clean, etc. As I have shared many times, I have two kiddos (an almost 3 year old and a six month old). As many of you know, adding kids to a busy day can almost drive you nuts sometimes. I swear there are days I've hardly sat down.

This past week my husband, who helps out a TON around the house (that must be said), was gone for four days on a business trip. WOW--he was missed. Trying to get everything done and keep the kids happy was a little crazy at times. One evening a friend stopped by and brought dinner. I so needed (of course enjoyed) the adult interaction. As we do, we started chatting and I found myself telling her how dry my hair has been....(silly, I know) but that lead to me thinking about my Thursday nights before kids. Almost every Thursday, like clockwork, I would come home from work, work out, put a conditioning treatment on my hair, take a hot bath, and read a magazine. I loved it! I miss it.

My nighttime routine is VERY different now. Many nights rushed and a little crazy---but I am realizing that someday I will miss this time too. I know my old Thursday nights will return, and my hair won't be so dry (haha!). (Deep breath) I am trying to enjoy the crazy of my two little kids, while they are little!

Have a great weekend and enjoy issue #102!

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