Hello All! Here's to a great weekend!

Both my husband and myself are type A. We both like order, schedules, things to go a certain way, etc. We have discovered we are raising a type B, C, or Z child (haha). Our two and a half year old son is very strong-willed and social, like us, but many of his other characteristics are different from ours.

It is one thing to be friends with or even in a relationship with someone that is very different from you but understanding the child that I am raising--it can be a struggle. For my son, simple requests can take several reminders, understanding and following the rules is difficult, and letting emotions get the best of him...can be tough. Some people may say, 'that's just a two year old,' but as I work hard to be the best parent to my son, I know that I am going to have to do things differently.

Instead of a simple 'no' or making a decision for him...I have noticed that taking the time to explain to him what his choices are and what the consequences will be--just works better for my son. For example, something as easy as picking up toys---it works much better if I tell him he has two choices, he can pick up his toys and we can move on or he can leave his toys out and then mommy will have to put those toys away for a while because he is having a hard time taking care of them right now. This process can be exhausting and believe me--I DON'T ALWAYS GET IT RIGHT, but knowing my kid, this is what works best.

I know I am repeating myself, but raising tiny humans is HARD. Figuring out that your kiddo responds to things very differently than you do--EXTRA HARD. I am going to continue to do my best to raise the best kiddo I can!

Enjoy your weekend and here's to issue #104!

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