TGIF, Darling Weekly readers!

Well, I am off on a quick weekend trip for a friend's wedding. I have not left my 7 month old over night yet...so wish me luck. On top of the nerves that go along with that...my two-year-old wakes up with a cold this morning--of course, right before my trip--bring on the mommy guilt! (ha).

I am filled with nerves leaving my 7 month old. I know she is in great hands with her daddy--who she loves, it's just hard for me to let go (mostly let go of my control). I am honest; I like the way I do things (just ask my husband). I had a wonderful conversation with a friend this week all about my upcoming trip. She really helped me relax. She reminded me that, yes, things will be done differently while I am gone BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, my kiddos are going to be taken care of and probably even treated to a few extra sweets (thanks to the grandparents!)

We will all survive and I WILL enjoy my weekend! I know once I am on that plane, I will let go, breath, relax, and celebrate with dear friends this weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy issue #106!

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