Hello readers! Hope all is well :)

For those of you that have children, how crazy is last few hours of the day?!?! I swear, no matter how well prepared I am (with dinner, pjs, etc), the last hour and half of the day flies by and is typically a little rushed.

Well, tonight I will celebrate the fact that my husband and I dominated the end of our day and it was actually enjoyable. Dinner was a simple meal and was much calmer than normal. This evening we decided to bathe both kids (our 8 month old does not get a bath every night). My hubby took care of our 2 year old and I took care of our 8 month old. It was so very peaceful. She splashed and giggled in the bath. Many nights, we run out of time and this time can be fast and furious. Tonight I enjoyed watching her play. We listened to music and I really had a chance to savor this moment. Everyone even got their pjs on at the same time--a miracle!

I am celebrating this parenting victory. My husband and I 'teamed out', as we like to say. Tonight the score was: husband and wife-1, kids-0...I will take it!

Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully you will get a small victory too! Enjoy issue #109!

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