I loved the piece we featured this week, “ The Morning Routines of 12 Women Leaders”. It was interesting to see how some very successful women start their days. Some are moms of little ones and others are empty nesters but they all had some things in common with how they begin each morning. It really got me thinking about my mornings and how I can make small adjustments to be more productive with my time.

Having just started a new job this week I found that I really needed to reevaluate my time and especially my mornings to make sure I am not only taking care of myself but giving my little ones some extra cuddles and time with me. Whether you work at home or outside the home having a good morning routine is really important. I always feel so much more ready for the day when I’m organized and not rush. This doesn’t always happen but I’m trying and I hope some small changes I make will add up to a easier morning and a more successful day! Think about some ways you can make your mornings a little easier and put one or two in place… I think it could make a big difference!

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