Hello readers! Here's to the weekend!

This week, we have found some great articles! I really enjoyed reading, "Signs Of a Brave Child." A must read! I also loved the craft idea, entitled, "Painting with Bubbles: Soap Pump Bubble Painting for Kids." I plan to do this one with my kiddo. But by far, my favorite article was, "The Anti-Helicopter Parent’s Plea: Let Kids Play!" This piece really made me think!

I am a mom of an (almost) 3-year-old boy. He is full of energy and is testing every boundary, especially when it comes to physical space with his friends. When he gets excited, he will get close to his friends (sometimes too close) and will put his hands on them. He loves to play games where he pretends to have a laser...you can see where this might cause problems. I try really hard not to hover over him, but at the same time, I want him to learn what is appropriate play and what isn't. This article would suggest, I need to back off a little bit.

Obviously, I need to make sure my son and his buddies are safe (they are only 3), but I most likely need to give him a little more space for him to figure things out on his own. Free play, uninterrupted by adults is extremely beneficial---as quoted here: "Research suggests that students with controlling “helicopter” parents are less flexible and more vulnerable, anxious and self-conscious, as well as more likely to be medicated for anxiety or depression. Similarly, children whose time is highly structured — crammed with lessons and adult-supervised activities — may have more difficulty developing their own “executive function” capabilities, the ability to devise their own plans and carry them out. Conversely, the more time children spend in free play, the better they develop these capabilities."

I tell you, the job of a parent is tough. I absolutely want my child to develop these skills on his own but at the same time, I need to keep at least one eye on him (wink, wink). I am going to work on giving my kid a little more freedom (just a little) when he plays with his friends!

Have a wonderful weekend, give your child a little more FREE play (without the hovering), and enjoy issue #111!

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