Hello DW readers! Hopefully Friday is treating you well!

As a parent, I believe there are always going to be big or little issues with your children all time. I am guessing, lots of the big stuff is yet to come (since my kids are both still very young). Of course, everyday there is the little annoying stuff: trying to get your kid to clean up, reminding them to sit and eat, the list could go on...

Currently in our home, it's potty training!!! ekkkk! I tried teaching my 3 year old son to use the restroom late this summer, but he wasn't ready. There were too many accidents and both of us were getting frustrated. So, I paused and recently started again...

We have every kind of potty at home for him to choose from. There is a little potty, a seat on one of our toilets, and he can always use the regular size--whatever he thinks is easiest. In the beginning, I asked him every twenty minutes if he had to go. I was working so hard to help him. And there were moments when I just wanted to quit (sometimes it seemed easier just to keep in him a diaper!)

As children do...they surprise us and learn quickly... I slowly started to watch him get the hang of it. Before I knew it, he would stop what he was doing and go to the potty!!!! And last night, the icing on the cake: he was brushing his teeth and I quickly used the restroom he said, "mommy I am so proud of you! You used the potty!" That just made me smile! I know there are many more hurdles ahead--but at least we are getting past this one!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy issue #114!

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