Hello Darling Weekly readers! Hope you had a wonderful week!

This week I am writing about a morning adventure that went EVEN BETTER than I had planned (isn't it amazing when that happens!) I decided to venture to a local outlet mall with my 10 month old and my 3 year old. There is a ceramic painting store, a train to ride, and let's not forget about the warm pretzels in the food court. My plan was to paint first, get a snack, maybe do a little shopping (figured a miracle had to happen for that to work out), and ride the train at the end of our trip.

I am here to report...a miracle did happen!!! Not only did every single part of this day go well, I even got to do a little shopping!!!!!! The children were happy and everyone enjoyed themselves. I am sharing this story, because as a parent, I like to plan fun activities for my kiddos--yet, often, things do not go as planned. There can be meltdowns, unexpected bumps in the plan, or something you thought would be great, simply just flops. I have learned, in my few short years as a parent, many things are not going to go as planned. Everyday is going to be different and most will present some challenges--knowing this, I will celebrate the small victories! A day filled with smiling faces and fun--I will take it!

Have a wonderful weekend, celebrate all your victories (big or small), and enjoy issue #117!

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