How was the turkey yesterday? Did the gravy turn out the way you wanted? What relative drove you nuts? HA! I hope that everyone had a lovely thanksgiving filled with good fun and laughter.

As December quickly approaches, we have found some terrific articles this week that will help guide you through this holiday season. Are you traveling with your children this month? Be sure to read, "Traveling with Creative Kids: 10 Things to Pack in Your Child's Carry-On." Does this time of year fly by so quickly you can hardly breathe? If so, please read, "6 Ways Parents Can Show Gratitude For the Kids They Have." One of the suggestions in this article states, "be thankful you get to." Think about how many times you have said to yourself, "Oh, I HAVE to drive carpool or I HAVE to prepare the snack for my child's class tomorrow!" Remember, you are lucky and blessed to be able to do these things for your child. This article is a great reminder for this time of year!

We hope you enjoy Issue #12.

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