Hello readers!

Hopefully everyone has had a wonderful holiday. I don't know about you, but boy do the holidays really take it out of me. Don't get me wrong...I so enjoy spending time with family and friends--but by the end of it all, I am exhausted.

After all the fun that was had, the gifts that were given, the tons of food I consumed, and not to mention the drinks that were had---I am looking forward to the New Year and focusing on a positive start. I am not setting any crazy expectations for myself, just trying to keep positive in all aspects of my life. I will attempt to take better care of myself. I feel so much better when I can get a workout in (maybe even a few a week), eat a little better, and get a little more sleep. I also need to try to take it easy on myself this year. I love to control things (very type A: I have mentioned this before). It helps when I take a few more breaths throughout the day. All of these things are completely doable. I have not set any specific goals (i.e. go to the gym everyday, never get frustrated, or give up all carbs--now that's just crazy talk-ha)...as I have gotten older (and maybe wiser) I know that very strict goals, never really work out.

This year, I will be nicer to myself. I hope to feel more at ease with this simple positive idea. Happy New Year (a little early). Hopefully you too will be a little nicer to yourself in 2017! Enjoy issue #121

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