Hello Darling Weekly readers! Hopefully your week went well and you are ready for the weekend.

This week was filled with ups and downs, as it can be with two little ones! My three-year-old had soccer practice this week. His practice is 30 minutes long and most of the practice is spent watching kids run around and chasing wild balls-ha! This week, our little guy was having a lot of trouble listening to his coach. For me, I want him to enjoy himself and listen to his coach. He was having a hard time following directions. He was extra silly. I tried a few times to help him and gave him some reminders--but it wasn't working. I walked over and told him that I loved watching him play soccer but if he was not going to follow the rules, we were going to have to leave. I THOUGHT this would be calling his bluff and he would jump back in line...ummm he did not. He said he was ready to go. Uh oh, my plan back fired.

I wasn't sure what to do at that point. What I thought would work, did not and I was stuck. I never want my kids to quit on something but I also want them to follow directions so it can be fun for all. We ended up leaving early. I reminded him later how much he enjoys soccer but in order for it to be fun, he needed to listen to his coach. This was a total 'bump in the road' this week. Who knows if I did the right thing?!? I tried to make the best decision at the time.

In the spirit of making myself smile, I found a few funny hashtags that fit this story perfectly: #momfail, #threenager, #sorryiwantedyoutohavefun, #myplanbackfired, and #thereisalwaysnexttime.

Have a wonderful weekend! If you have a 'bump in the road' like I did, I hope you can find something that makes you laugh--even if it is a hashtag! ha!

Enjoy issue #125

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