Hello again! I hope everyone has had a fantastic week! I don't know about you, but being the mom of a strong willed 1 year old can be really tough (Side note: if you have a strong willed child, please read the article: 'Strong Willed Children Are a Blessing, Not a Curse' in this week's issue.) Throughout the day, there are many things that can go 'off the rails,' as I like to say. For instance, every morning as I start to change and dress my child, he screams! He screams and kicks, as if a clean diaper is a bad thing. Even though I know this is most likely the way I am going to start my day, I have noticed myself getting really negative and letting this encounter drastically change my mood.

I have started to reflect on my reactions throughout the day, especially when there is a hiccup in my day. I am working hard to take a breath before I react and think more positively. I am working hard to choose joy over frustration. Although, it is annoying that dressing my son can be so difficult, I try to change my thoughts to: he slept through the night, he woke up healthy, we have a fun day planned, I love seeing his face in the morning, etc. I know it is hard...but making the choice to focus on all the positive things instead of the one negative moment, has really helped my day. Try this next time your child/children go 'off the rails!'

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