Time. We never seem to have enough of it and lately I feel like I have less and less. Working full-time, taking care of two children, being a wife, having friends and trying to find small slivers of time for myself is such a balancing act and sometimes seemingly impossible. I wish I had some magic formula for making it all happen but the only thing I’ve learned in the last few years since becoming a parent is that we all need a lot of help and we should take any help that is offered to us.

Personally it has taken me some time to truly accept help that is offered to me, but as I get busier I now realize I can’t and don’t have to do it all myself. They say “it takes a village” and that couldn’t be truer. Why do it by yourself when people are offering to help you out. Whether it’s friends or family, the next time someone offers to do something for you that will help make your life even a tiny bit easier, say yes. There is no reason we need to be in this alone, you won’t get a medal for doing everything. So start saying yes and see that life can get a little easier! Happy Friday!

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