The holiday season is in full swing! I am sure many of us are feeling the pressure to get everything done. Hopefully, this issue will give you a chance to breathe and read a couple of articles that pertain to your life!

One of my favorite reads this week is, "Celebrities Aren't Like Us: Study Finds That Most Women Don't Lose Pregnancy Pounds." And now I can breathe!! After having a baby and being surrounded by images of famous mommies dropping their baby weight in a day, or two...this article hits home. It is important to take care of yourself post baby but remind yourself, it is not magic and try not to compare yourself to these unattainable standards.

Another article that I loved from this week's issue was, "7 Moments That Can Make or Break a Marriage with Children." This piece made me laugh and I felt like I wasn't alone! Marriage is hard and even harder with kids. My top moment was, number 5: 'The decision whether or not to binge-watch without the other'. I know this is a silly one, but in our household--it's serious, ha! Ask your significant other to read this one...always nice when we are all on the same page.

Here's to another great week. Enjoy issue #15!

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