Happy Friday! We hope you all had easy and productive weeks. I for one feel like I've been running a million miles a minute and so happy the weekend is almost here! This week we've been super busy trying to find all the best articles we could for you and I think we've got some great content.

One thing I'm always talking about with other moms (and I'm sure you are too) is how my child is sleeping (or not sleeping) at night. The piece "Developing Productive Sleeping Habits in Kids for Lifelong Health", gives some great advice on how to work on getting your little ones, or yourself for that matter, to sleep better. Try some of these tonight and see how it goes!

Another piece I found really interesting was, "Why You Should Tell Your Children How Much You Make". So much of what this author says makes sense, yet parents very rarely are upfront with their children about their finances and financial issues. Talking to your children about money (when age appropriate) will help start them off on the right foot for their own financial success down the road. Don't miss this one.

We hope you enjoy this weeks issue and if you like what you see tell a friend!

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