Hello Darling Weekly readers! I hope this issue finds you well. We have found some great articles this week including some really hot topics! One of my favorite reads this week was, "9 Mom Friends You Don't Need." This article made me laugh and also made me reflect upon on the wonderful friendships I have. A good girlfriend is a gift.

As I start to think about my friendships, some of which span over decades, I smile thinking about how each friend is like a puzzle piece. All shaped differently, have different characteristics, but once they are put together, they all fit perfectly in my life. I have a girlfriend I call to make me laugh, a girlfriend I call to discuss parenting issues with, a girlfriend to call to cry to, and a girlfriend to call with all my family drama. I have heard over and over that good girlfriends are the sisters we get to choose! I couldn't agree with that more. A true friend is a treasure. Take a moment to think about all the wonderful people in your life. And maybe, just maybe let them know how much they mean to you!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy issue #22!

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