Happy Friday and Happy Almost Valentine's Day!

We've had a busy week finding you great articles to read. One of the most informative ones I read this week was the Q & A article, "Blocks, Play, Screen Time and the Infant Mind" with Dr. Dimitri Christakis. Having an infant I was especially interested in hearing about more research regarding infants and screen time. I wish I could say my little one has never seen a screen but with a 3 year old running around that just isn't possible. What I liked most about this piece was the reminder that its not just about how much your children is watching (the typical preschool child in the United States watches about 4 1/2 hours of television a day) but about what they are missing out on when they are watching TV.

I know it's easy to get the iPad out or put on a TV show, especially during hectic times of day, but I think we need to reevaluate why and how we use screen time. Dr. Christakis reminds parents to pick up some blocks or any other toy that allows your child to engage with you. Although people might not normally think of blocks as "educational toys", when you are building and playing with your child that interaction can significantly improve language skills. So this weekend instead of putting on that iPad right away, get out some of those old fashion toys and get building!

Have a great weekend!

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