I hope everyone had a wonderful valentine's day! Now we wait 9 months and see how many of you have babies...haha! :)

We have found some great articles this week. I so enjoyed reading the article, "How to Stay Close With Friends Who Don't Have Kids." This is a quick read that helps shed a little light on thoughtful ways to keep those friendships strong. I love suggestion #7, 'let them be tired, too'. This is always good advice. Take it from someone that was up with their 15 month old last night from 3:00am to 5:00am for no particular reason---it is hard to hear about someone else being tired, ha!

Another article that I actual bookmarked and plan to read over and over is, "4 Traits Children Need to Succeed." Not only did this piece motivate me to raise a child with all of these qualities, it reassured me that some of the more difficult characteristics of my 15 month old are actually really fabulous traits (i.e. curiosity and grit!) I hope you find this article as inspiring as I did.

Enjoy issue #24. Have a wonderful weekend!

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