Lots of stuff happening this week in the news!

As many of you probably saw a new study came out this week about peanut allergies. Although you may have heard about this already, check out, "Peanut consumption in infancy prevents peanut allergy, study finds" to read more about this interesting and important study surrounding this serious issue.

Another big topic this week was about giving your children an allowance. The article, "Kids' allowances: You're doing it completely wrong", tells you all about how to give your child an allowance the right way. One tip I found really interesting was not tying the allowance to chores, kids should do this stuff for free, just like we as parents have to do!

One last piece you definitely should check out if you have toddlers at home is the "Top 10 Toddler Books - Best Books for Toddlers". I love this list because it provides some new book ideas to help fill up your little ones library. Get reading!

We hope you find these articles and the rest of this issue interesting and have a great weekend!

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