Hello all! I hope this week's issue finds you well. Many of us (except for those on the west coast) are stuck inside due to this long, cold winter. This is a very normal time for your kids to get sick. It is so difficult to see your child sick and even worse what if you get sick too?! That happened this week in my house. I was down and so was my kiddo. What happens when mommy is sick?!

For the first time since I have had my son, I was sick! I mean sick, sick. The cough, the cold, sneezing---YUCK! The difficult thing is, even though my little one was under the weather too, there is no time to rest. I found myself still chasing him, entertaining him, and of course the normal things (i.e. changing diapers, feeding, etc). It is so much harder to get better when you can't just lay in bed all day and go back in forth from sleep to reading a trashy magazine (and repeat). Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband and family near by to help. When they say "it takes a village"---I get it now.

Two things I learned from this round of illness: 1. Never take your health for granted. Being healthy is a gift and something you should take care of. Typically, I take pretty good care of myself but I will for sure be 'stepping it up' the remainder of this winter! 2. It is nice to have good people around you to help, when needed. Don't be afraid to ask for help. The people that love you are most likely very happy to led a hand--you just have to ask. :)

To all of our readers, I wish you health and happiness this week. Enjoy your weekend and take care of yourself. :) Have fun reading issue #26!

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