There is an article shared below called, "6 Habits of Very Happy Women". This article really got me thinking about what I derive my happiness from, what I need to be happier and how to help my children be happy.

When it comes to helping my children be happy I really thought about how I help them achieve happiness that is not derived from material possessions. It sometimes seems like a day doesn't go by where my daughter doesn't get a gift, even a small one, and yes in the moment these trinkets bring her happiness, but that kind of happiness we know is fleeting. I want her to gain happiness from other things than toys and treats and I know she has to learn that from me.

Two ideas from this article that I felt like I could do more of in order to help show my little ones how to be happy were 1. Making it a habit to lift others up and 2. Looking for the goodness around us. I know I can model those things for my kids every day and hope that they follow suit. Yes, happiness does come from within but by showing your children that you are happy and what brings you joy will help your children realize that happiness doesn't have to stem from physical objects.

So remember, lets try not to only gain happiness from material things but from doing things for others or finding the joy in the little things. Go jump in a puddle, give someone an unexpected compliment or do something nice for someone else. Showing your little ones how happy these things make you will help them realize they can find happiness in these things too!

Have a happy and wonderful weekend!

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