Hello all our fabulous Darling Weekly readers! I hope this issue finds you well! :)

We have worked hard this week to find the best articles. One of my favorite articles comes from Dr. Oz's website. Please check out, "7 Ways to Promote Kids' Healthy Body Image and Active Lifestyle." It is such an easy ready and provides some great tips. As a parent, myself, I want to make sure my son grows up heathy. Before having my son, I never cooked! My husband did most of the cooking and we went out to eat more than I liked to admit. Now that I have my son, it has all changed....

I am currently staying home with my child. My mother told me that since my husband is working and I am not, I need to (and I quote) "step it up!" My mom is a wonderful cook. Her cooking is always delicious and brings back lots of great memories. I decided, I would take this challenge on! I started slowly...only cooking healthy meals in the crockpot. I figured the crockpot was the easy way to go for a first time cook. Every meal was delicious! I was on a roll! Then I ventured out of the crockpot and onto the stove. I started finding healthy recipes for my family and cooking away. I was thrilled to put every meal on the table, for several reasons: 1. I was providing my family with a healthy dinner. 2. I was proud I made it myself. 3. I was saving a ton of money (and I didn't even realize it!)

Who knows, maybe I will inspire you to cook more, but if not, maybe one of our other articles will get you to try something new! Have a great weekend and enjoy issue #30!

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