What do kids need to be successful today? Of course they need to know how to read, solve math problems and convey their thoughts in writing but what children need to be successful goes far beyond the academic skills we typically think of.

There are so many new "buzz" words in education today that I thought I would share the piece, "Nonacademic Skills Are Key To Success. But What Should We Call Them?" because it gives the reader a quick glimpse into what some of these crucial nonacademic skills are and what they really mean.

Check this article out if you have time. These are skills that need to be worked on with our children all the time, not just in the classroom but in the extracurricular activities we sign our children up for and of course, at home. As you begin your child's education process you'll begin hearing these a lot so it's good to educate yourself on what these all really mean!

Happy Reading and Happy Friday!!

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