TGIF, everyone! For many of you this marks the beginning of summer because...."schools out for the summer!!!" Many schools have closed for the summer (or will in the next coming weeks) and all the kids are home! For those of you that are able to take some vacation days or you are lucky enough to have the summer off, this means: afternoons at the pool, taking vacations, sending the kids off to camp, letting your kids play outside until it gets dark, enjoying popsicles in the middle of the day, and hopefully enjoying a few quiet moments, here and there. Whatever your summer looks like, try to cherish every moment.

This week we have found some great articles. If you are thinking about your summer plans and activities, be sure to read the following articles: Family Friendly Airlines Compared, Life-Saving Invention Could Keep Babies Safe From Hot Car Tragedies, Sanity Savers for Taking Kids to the Beach or Pool, and (maybe the most important) 3 Essentials to Get Kids Reading Over the Summer.

Enjoy issue #39 and have a great weekend!

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