Hello all! Hopefully everyone has had a wonderful week. Here's to the weekend!

This week we have found some great articles. If I had to pick a favorite, which is really hard to do, it would be, "Why I Refuse To Feel Guilty For Being a Working Mom." As a mom, I think we feel guilty for numerous things each day, working mom or not. I am currently staying at home with my child and today I felt super guilty.

The day started off as any normal day. We had breakfast and we took a walk. The walk ended a little faster than normal as it started to rain on me...not how I wanted to start the day. From there tiny moments happened that were frustrating, for example: nap time was unusually SHORT, because of nap time=a crappy kiddo, my son was not happy inside and was not happy playing outside, and lunchtime was a hot mess! I started to feel guilty because I was ready to throw in the towel. I felt guilty for time I sat on the couch and let my son run around because I was exhausted. It happens, life goes on, and tomorrow will be a new day!

The theme of this article reminds mamas, especially the working mamas, let go of things that are not "big deals" and above all do not allow yourself to sit around and feel guilty. My favorite sentences from this piece were, "But I'm finished feeling guilty for being gone on travel and not available at a moment's notice to help one of my children get out of a momentary problem. Yes, I'm unavailable. But, no, it's not the end of the world. And more often than not, it simply results in the learning moment where my kid discovers they have the inner resilience and resources to manage the issue for themselves." Such a healthy reminder for moms just trying to be the best they can!

Enjoy this article and all the rest! Have a great weekend and here's to issue # 41!

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