"Be patient with me mommy!"

That is what my 3 1/2 year old said to me this week as I was rushing her into her car seat. Late to somewhere I'm sure, most likely due to bad planning and use of time on my part.

Wow! I though to myself. My child is tell ME to be more patient, something I often tell her when she needs to wait for her dinner or her turn with a toy or anything really. Something needs to change!

The same day she asked me for more patience I was actually reading the article, "The Benefits of Slow Parenting". I had found this piece after reading a few other articles that all linked back to this one. The timing could not have been more apropos!

If you haven't heard of "Slow Parenting" before it's a movement that has evolved in recent years that is all about cherishing quality time together over quantity, being focused and together in the moment, and building strong and meaningful connections with your family. Sounds like they are on to something right?!?

With this idea in mind you really need to intentionally carve out time each day or week to just be together. Not checking your work emails while you read a book to the kids, not also cooking dinner while you help with homework and not on the phone while you are building a block tower. My goal is to really take this in and try to work on slowing down with my little ones, enjoying this time with them and yes, even carving out special time where the phone is away and I am totally focused (not always easy when you work from home.)

I'm going to be realistic with myself of course because I know sometimes we do need to rush around to get to classes, or drop off needs to be quicker so I can get home to make my conference on time but I will work on finding those times (even for just a few minutes) where I am able to do some slow parenting and enjoy those moments together. Check out this article and try some slow parent yourself this weekend!

Happy Friday!

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