Another week down! This summer is flying by so hope you are finding some fun things to do with the family!

This week we were so busy finding great content for you to read and we have a pretty jammed packed issue.

I personally found the article on selling breast milk, "There’s a market for breast milk, and it sells for up to $4 an ounce", interesting as I personally donated over 300 ounces of breast milk to babies in need after my second baby and was happy to do so. Personally I couldn't imagine trying to make a profit on it but there are probably lots of varying opinions on this and whether or not it is something law makers need to regulate more.

I also really loved the article, "Encouraging Nature Play", as I think this is something missing for many of children today. I remember growing up and often going out with friends across the street to a more wooded, less developed, area where there was a little stream and just playing pretend. Great experiences like this are things our children are missing today as we fear letting our children do things independently. Something to think about when kids say they are bored this summer- maybe let them get out and explore a little.

Lots more to check out as well including a delicious granola bar bite recipe that I actually plan on making this weekend!

Enjoy Issue 44!

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