Hello All! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful (in some places- hot, hot, hot) weather!

So today I was was the mother of 'the kid.' My son and I went to story hour at our local library. My son is going to be 2 in November. I think it is important for him to be exposed to books and songs as much as possible. Although some activities in story hour are a little advanced for my son (it's a mixed age group), I still find this time valuable.

Well, today, my kiddo was very active. He did not want to sit for one second (sometimes I can get him to sit for a handful of minutes--that's my active boy at this point). Today he was more interested in opening the door and reaching for the toy bin that comes out at the end of story hour. As the time was passing and I was busy running around trying to keep my kiddo engaged in the activities, I was brought back to my teaching days and some of the thoughts that use to go through my head.

As a former kindergarten teacher, I know there have been times when I thought: the 'good kids' have great parents (parents that read to them every night, set boundaries, have a good routine, and a consistent bedtime) and 'naughty kids' have parents that do not do as much with their child (parents that have no routine, their kids run the show, and who knows what bedtime looks like!) These thoughts are easy to have and I am sure most of us have thought sometime like this when we see a kids acting up or making a scene somewhere.

I try to remind myself everyday---a kid's actions do not necessarily reflect what the parent is doing/trying to do. I can speak from my own experience, as much as I stay consistent with: bedtime, healthy food, attempting to set boundaries/rules (my son is still trying to understand many of them); their are times when my child has a mind of his own. When he is unhappy he lets me know it, even if it is in the middle of a store. When my son is not interested, as much as a try, sometimes I am just fighting a losing battle. I believe in my heart, MOST parents are trying their best with their kids. Let's just all try to give each other the benefit of the doubt.

Please enjoy issue #47 and have a great weekend!

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