Welcome Readers! We have another jam packed issue this week that is filled with all sorts of interesting reads. Here's my favorite articles this week, but make sure to check out all the great content below!

  1. Cord Banking- Lots of questions around this topic. Make sure you read the piece by NBC News that gets experts to weigh in on whether or not it is worth the money.

  2. Gender Reveal Parties- Sorry to anyone that likes these but I'm with the author of the article, "I Can't Stand Baby Gender Reveal Parties", I really can't stand them either!

  3. Having a baby soon? Have you scheduled your appointment to get your hair done at the hospital? I wish I had. Apparently this is all the rage now, read "Along With Babies, Hairstylists Are Arriving in Hospitals" for more on this growing trend.

  4. Cook Once Eat Twice Dinner Ideas- yes please! Anything to make meal planning a little easier.

Enjoy Issue 48 and have a great weekend!

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