Hello All! Hopefully everyone has had a wonderful week! Here's to the weekend!

We have a great issue this week. I am obsessed with the article, "Is she ready for kindergarten? 10 questions to predict success." As a former kindergarten teacher, this list is right on point! So many parents just look at the 'birthday cut-off dates' and strictly go by that---wrong. It is important to evaluate where your child is at and determine if this is the year for he/she to begin kindergarten. Remember, this is the beginning of their education and you want to make it the BEST it can be...please take a moment to read this list if you have a child approaching kindergarten.

Another read that I just went wild for was, "How you set your kids up for success - Business Insider." This article is packed full of important things to think about when raising kids. I love how this article starts: "And while there isn't a set recipe for raising successful children, psychology research has pointed to a handful of factors that predict success." Right, we wish there was a 'recipe' or a 'cheat sheet!' There are 9 areas/skills that many parents of successful children all possess. I have bookmarked this one and plan to reread many times--it's that good!

Lastly, I loved the article, "The Importance of Imaginative Play." There are so many benefits to encouraging and supporting your children during imaginative play. Not only does this piece explain all the pros to this kind of play, it also includes tips and guidelines to help parents make the most of this time for their child. Read and enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend and we hope you find issue #49 both helpful and intriguing. Enjoy!

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