It’s been another exciting week over at Darling Weekly. We have searched the internet and found some interesting articles. This week you can read about one mom’s story on caring for a colicky baby. Some of you may smile reading the article on the new book out by the author of the ‘Baby-Sitters Club’. The Huffington Post has a fabulous list of the top apps for mom—this is a must read!

I recently read this quote about parenting, “being a parent is too complicated and emotional a task for magical techniques and magical cures”—Ron Taffel. I couldn’t agree more. There isn’t a prefect set of steps to follow when raising your child. Not every solution works for every child. Every family is different and at the end of the day, what works for you and your family…WORKS! Although there are not answers/solutions to all of your parenting questions or concerns, hopefully you will find this week’s issue to be helpful and informative!

Have a great week and enjoy issue #5!

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