Welcome back readers! I can't believe we are publishing issue #50. Just two more weeks until we have been working on Darling Weekly for a year. We have so enjoyed putting each issue together and we hope you enjoy reading it each week.

As you are winding down the summer and getting ready for back to school we have lots of content this week to help get you thinking about the school year ahead. Here is my top 5 for the week!

  1. The Gift of Failure- this New York Time's piece reminds us why it is so crucial to let our kids fail. We as parents want to solve all the problems for them but letting them fail sometimes is really what they need to help them be successful in life.

  2. Check out the Today.com article, Tips and Products to Pack School Lunch Without Breaking a Sweat, this will help get you back in school lunch packing mode and hopefully help make this task a little bit easier.

  3. How do you feel about the newest debate over whether or not kids should get trophies for participation? Check out the CNN article and join the debate over this topic.

  4. So I kind of want to make some of these Back to School gift ideas for my little ones teachers- they are so cute and what better way to get the kids excited about their new teachers and the upcoming school year.

  5. A book that promises kids will fall asleep at bedtime... Tell me more!

Enjoy this weeks issue and have a great weekend!

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