Hello all! Get ready because the weekend is almost here!

"Never enough hours in the day"...how many times have you said this?? I know that this phrase is something I often think or even say aloud. Everyone's days are different but all jam packed in someway. Many of you, have children in school. Although school can mean your kids are busy and taken care of, it also means: preparing lunch, packing backpacks, HOMEWORK (which I am sure starts on day two or three of school! If this is a 'hot topic' for you, please read: 'Kids Have Three Times Too Much Homework, Study Finds'.) And I bet, all of us can agree the evening routine at night is always a rush! I know I am always crazy trying to squeeze in an evening event, get everyone fed, bath, and bedtime routine---a mad house!

As someone that likes routine and admittedly, type A, it is nice to hear that other parents feel the same way. I was just talking to one of my dear friend's mom. She is now a grandma and is enjoying this time. I confessed how it is sometimes hard to be present in the moment because to be honest, I am just trying to survive until bedtime! She laughed! It has been a longtime since she had little ones of her own but she remembers that. I pointed out how she is in a great stage now--enjoys, laughs, and spends quality time with her grandkids. Chatting with her was nice. It reminded me that although this time with my child is amazing and changing daily---it can be tough, draining, and overwhelming but keep in mind--- WE WILL SURVIVE!!! :)

Have a great weekend, be kind to yourself, and enjoy issue #51.

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