Welcome Readers!

We are so excited to be publishing our 52nd issue of Darling Weekly! We love sharing all the top parenting news each week and we hope all of you have been enjoying the newsletter.

This week was very busy and full of lots of great articles...here is my top 5 for the week!

  1. Make sure you read the Parent.com article, "Smart Back-to-School Tips and Ideas". We need all the help we can get as we start another busy school year so get some great tips to help get started on the right foot!

  2. "The Age Parents Should Start Talking to Kids About Alcohol" gives parents good insight about when and how to talk to your children about alcohol.

  3. I love the piece, "6 Open Ended Questions To Ask During Play". We all want to get our kids talking more and this article gives some great suggestions for questions to ask to help facilitate conversations.

  4. The Moms Magazine piece on boosting your child's confidence for the new school year has great advice for parents to build confidence in your little ones.

  5. "20 Best Lunchboxes for Kids"- I bought some new ones after seeing this great list!

Have a great weekend and enjoy issue #52!!

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