Hello Darling Weekly readers! Hopefully this first full week of September has treated you well!

I had always heard-- your children pick up on everything you do and say, even before they can talk. I am finding this to be very true. And now that I am noticing it more and more, I am very careful about all my actions! (The pressure is on! ha) My almost 2 year old is repeating things I say and even sometimes repeating how I do things. This evening, while I was giving him a bath, he picked up the wash cloth I had just used and started cleaning himself--just the way I had done a few minutes ago! A very cute moment!

I also notice that when I am stressed or rushing around, it can throw off my son's demeanor. I have been extra careful to watch my reactions to things, knowing now it can also cause a reaction from my kiddo. It is amazing the influence, in every way, we have on our children. And as I have said before and I am sure many of you, "I don't want to mess my kid up---I just want him to be normal" (whatever that means! ha)

On a very positive note, my husband and I have recently heard him saying, "happy!" Of course we have a list of words we go over often, including: mama, daddy, papa (his grandpa), car, go, hi, bye, etc. I am sure you get the point...but HAPPY, what a fantastic word that we don't normally practice. It has warmed my heart because somehow he has picked that up for either my husband or I. What a wonderful word for him to say over and over! Maybe that means we are doing something right :)

Enjoy this week's issue and here's to being and saying HAPPY!

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