Happy Friday! I know I can't wait for the weekend.

I hope everyone is experiencing some beautiful early fall weather and that you get to go out and enjoy it! Before you start your weekend make sure to catch up on all the news from this week... lots going on!

I think my favorite article from the week was, "8 Ways You Might be Encouraging Your Child to Be a Bully". This article, which talks about how our behaviors can strongly impact those of our little ones, really resonated with me.

It's so important to always watch what we say and how we act in front of the kids. If they see us gossiping then that is what they are going to do. So much of their behaviors and attitudes come from simply watching us. I also love the part about sharing, this topic can be difficult but I do believe we need to teach our kids to share in a developmentally appropriate way!

I really love this quote from the article, "Be the person your kid wants you to be, so your kid can be the person you want them to be." So true!

Make sure to check out this article and all the others including one on children with ADHD, new research on pesticides linked to childhood cancer, apps for teaching kids about money and great apple recipes.

Enjoy Issue 54 and have a fabulous weekend!

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