Hello all! Here's hoping you have had a wonderful week.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how important friends are. I get excited as my young child starts to make friends. I am a strong believer in the saying, 'friends are the family you get to pick!' As an adult, I enjoy reflecting upon my friendships, over the years. I have fond memories of neighborhood children I ran around with when I was in elementary school all the way to my current friends that I have met via my child's activities. Each one of these people have left a lasting impression on me and have helped form who I am today.

I just had an interesting conversation with a great college friend. We were discussing how we are getting older (we aren't too old yet---haha) and for whatever reason, some friendships have faded. For a moment we started to list/discuss why these friendships have dissolved. For a second, we even started to get 'fired up' about old feelings we might still have...but then I had this mini revelation---whatever the reason, it didn't matter because that person at that particular time in our lives meant something to us. At the end of the day, I would much rather recall all the wonderful reason I had that friend and forget about what happened and why it might just not work, now in my life.

As I get older (again, wink wink) I can not put into words what my friends have meant to me--including the ones that I might not be that close with anymore. Life is funny. It has many twists and turns and sometimes along the way, relationships fade but I encourage you to think about all the good times that were had. No need to rehash any drama--try to treasure the memories that make you smile!

Enjoy issue #57 and take a second to think about an old friend!

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