Yes... it's Friday!

Hope you all had a great week! Here are my top 5 favorite articles from this weeks issue!

  1. 30 Meals for 1-year-olds- I often see moms posting on various Facebook pages looking for recipe ideas for their toddlers. This provides 30 different ideas for new meals you can cook up for the kiddos that they actually might enjoy!

  2. Make sure to read, 6 Steps to Stopping a Bully Online, and also please share these tips with your kids so they know what to do if they are faced with an online bullying situation.

  3. There are so many new buzzwords in EdTech so check out this article, An EdTech Buzzword Bingo Card, to help decode what all these things really mean!

  4. Pregnant and don't want to spend a ton on maternity cloths? Check out the article, Rental Maternity Clothes Makes Pregnancy Shopping Easy, and learn more about the new company that is renting maternity cloths.

  5. 5 Teacher-Approved Apps to Boost Kindergarten Skills is a great place to find new apps that work on building important early literacy and math skills.

Enjoy this weeks issue and have a great weekend!

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