Hello All! Hope this week has treated you well.

I come to you this week as an 'overthinking mama'. Earlier this week I took my almost 2 year old son to the park. He was running around having a good time until I noticed another child grabbing him by the hood on his jacket! I try to be a laid back mom. Instead of running over as quickly as I could, I started to walk calmly to my kiddo, hoping the whole thing would resolve itself before I even got there. Unfortunately, he still had a hold of my child's jacket when I arrived. I quickly said, "I don't think he likes that." Speaking for my son who obviously is not able to express himself as clearly. The other little boy let go. Perfect...problem solved.

Urgh, a few minutes later, I noticed this child doing the same thing to another kid and then started following my son again. As a former kindergarten teacher, I try extra hard not to hover over my child. I want him to play freely and figure things out on his own. At his current age, he still needs me to help--and of course I am happy to do so. It is just tough when I don't know if I am doing the right thing. Should I have talked to the mom? Did I support my son enough so he knows that playing too rough isn't right? Did I miss an opportunity to teach him a bigger lesson? When the little boy started putting his hands on the other child, should I do/say something?

Needless to say, our time that day at the park ended a little faster than I planned. I have been thinking about this situation over and over. It's a tricky thing...when I was teaching, it would be completely normal for me to talk to both children about what was going on and help fix the problem. In this case, the other child was a stranger and I did not know his parents. I think the best I can do is support and watch my child carefully. My job in this case was to keep him safe and reinforce keeping our hands to ourselves.

This parenting stuff is serious business! All I can do is try my best and if I mess up, remind myself no parent has all the answers!

Have a great weekend and enjoy issue #59!

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