Happy Friday and Happy Halloween (almost)!

I know my little ones can't wait until tomorrow night. My older one has a serious love/hate relationship with Halloween so it should be interesting to see how this years trick or treating goes!

Lots to read in this weeks issue but I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite articles- shockingly all Halloween related!

  1. Make sure you check out the cute and easy craft, Candy Corn Pom Pom Painting. This is a super easy craft idea and you probably have most of the stuff at home- personally I think making a big candy corn is much more fun then eating them!

  2. Please read the article, Sweet Ways to Donate Your Halloween Haul to Those in Need, to get some ideas of what to do with all that leftover or unwanted Halloween candy. Having children donate some of their precious candy is a great way to encourage them to help others and give to charity in a way they can really understand.

  3. Not sure what to do with all those jack-o-lanterns after Halloween! Instead of just trashing them get a little science action going with the kiddos. Check out, Erupting Pumpkins Experiment for Kids, and have a little learning fun with those left over pumpkins!

Be safe and have lots of fun tomorrow night!

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