Hello All! Hopefully your Friday is off to a nice start!

On Thursday evening, my family and I took our yearly family photos. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love taking pictures---especially photos I will use to make my holiday card. Just to give you an idea of how this evening went...let me give you some details. First of all, these photos only include myself (almost 27 weeks pregnant--just for a visual--wink wink), my two year old son, and my husband. For these pictures we were working with a very talented photographer that we have worked with before (she has 3 boys under the age of 5---she really knows how to work with kids). For this session we met at a nearby park filled with fall leaves. Perfect, this is going to be great, RIGHT?!?

I had picked out coordinating outfits weeks ago. Our color scheme was navy and orange. When I picked all of this out, I had guessed the weather to be in the 60s. Well, I was wrong. It was almost 75 degrees and for a pregnant mom that is getting everyone ready, it feels like 90! So, we are off to a good start (hope you are picking up on my sarcasm). Once we all get into the car, I ask my husband to put on the air conditioning. He nicely asks why I didn't change my outfit (to something cooler)---well, at 27 weeks pregnant I have like 2 options. So it is what it is. As we start to get out of the car, I tell everyone--"Smile and let's all act like we really, really love each other!"---I think the perfect way to start any photo session-ha!

The photos start out lovely. Luckily our photographer is great and is FAST (to me one of the most important qualities of a photographer). Unfortunately, my two year old does not love the camera like his mama does. He is starting to loose it and did not want to cooperate. We pulled out all the stops and even paused so my kiddo could have a snack (who says models don't eat--ha).

At the end of the day, all the stress and sweat included, I know we got some great photos. I know I will look back on these photos and remember every second of the day. I will forever be able to glance at my 2 year old's little face and be transported to that exact moment. I am still recovering from the day---but I know it was all worth it.

Hope your weekend is filled with fun and maybe a good photo of your family, too! Enjoy issue #61!

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