Happy Friday!

Another week done and another week closer to Thanksgiving! With the holidays quickly approaching it has me thinking a lot about being thankful for everything I have and how to teach my children to be grateful for everything they have too. No better time then now to start teaching our children gratitude and this can really start at any age.

I know my little one tells me on a daily basis all the things she wants for her birthday and the holidays. She's only three so I know she doesn't really get it but she basically adds anything she sees to her list- which would probably have about 45 things on it if I was keeping track!

It has really got me thinking, how can I teach her to be more grateful for all she has already and not so consumed by all the things she wants. To help give me some ideas on how to work on this I found the article, 10 Ways to Raise a Grateful Kid.

I love #8 because it reminds us that giving and volunteering should be a habit, not something done once a year. Get your little ones involved in this. Go through their old toys together and pick out a few they would like to give away and explain why you are doing this. That is crucial to really help them understand what kind of impact doing little things like that can have on other people and teaches them that not everyone has as much as they do.

We all want to raise wonderful grateful children so start today with some of the things on this list and as always the best thing you can do is demonstrate these behaviors yourself- children learn so much from just watching us!

Have a great weekend!

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