Hello All! Hopefully you have had a wonderful week and are ready for the weekend!

This time of year always seems to fly by and before you know it---it's the New Year. Many of us are busy with holiday parties, family gatherings, and other fun seasonal activities. It is very easy to get caught up in the 'gift giving' of it all---especially when it comes to our children. I find it crazy/overboard hearing about the gifts, upon gifts, upon gifts some children are receiving. I can only imagine the competition that takes places between school age children (my kiddo is still too young to know/care!).

I know we hear/read about this a lot but I think it is extra important to stress the significance of giving to others during this time. I don't know about you, but I love watching friends or family opening gifts from me that I put great thought into. I plan to pass that fun down to my children. It is important to explain why giving is just as special as receiving. In addition, once your children can comprehend, it is beneficial to talk to them about the fact that they won't get every item on their 'wish list'. :)

Try to enjoy this time of year, as quickly as it may pass. Enjoy buying and making gifts but don't feel like you have to spend a million bucks to please others and more importantly your children. Many times, the favorite, extra special gifts do not always cost the most! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy issue #67!

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