There was a lot out in the news this week about "helicopter parenting". When it comes to our children many of us can't help but parent this way. It seems natural and wrong not to. We want to help our kids in anyway possible, but are we really helping them? I love the piece we feature below from today.com that gives one mom's "cure" for this parenting style. At some point we need to let children take responsibility for themselves. I think this can start happening in small ways even at a young age.

Is it easier to put your 3 year olds shoes on... yep! But are they learning that skill if you are always doing it for them... nope! Can your 6 year old be responsible for their homework folder and backpack every morning? They sure can! Making small steps to start empowering your child to be responsible for themselves and their belongings will go along way over time.

So today, let your kid dress themselves even if it takes a little longer. Let them clean up their room or make their bed, even if it looks like crap. And when your 2nd grader forgets their homework and they call you from school just remind them that it was their responsibility and although we all forget and make mistakes, they need to deal with the repercussions themselves. These will all be valuable lessons for the future!

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