Welcome Back Readers!

The first week back after the New Year's holiday sure was busy. So much to read this week- here are my top 5. Enjoy this weeks issue and have a fun-filled weekend!

  1. My favorite article of the week was, "Mom: What do I expect from my children’s elementary school? Certainly not this". This piece really made me think about what type of education my children will be getting and what needs to change in the future.

  2. Check out the article, "5 Super Small Changes to Make for Better Health", little changes add up so start some of these today!

  3. I'm loving Podcasts and one of my resolutions was to listen to more...check out this one, "Reframing New Year's Resolutions, to help you think about those resolutions you made for this year".

  4. Are you hooked on adult coloring? I am! Read the CNN article, "Why adult coloring books are good for you", and learn a little more about the benefits that come from this new hobby.

  5. My 4 year old recently just started saying, "I'm bored". I loved the article, "Bringing the World Back in Focus for Our Children: The Joys of Being Bored". It reminded me of when I was little and thinking I was so bored which forced me to find ways to keep busy. Kids now a days need to be bored more often!

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