Hello All! Hopefully the New Year is treating you right!

Help---sometimes a very hard thing to ask for/accept. Other than from my husband, I try not to ask for help in the mommy department (this might have something to do with my need for control--but that is a whole other story, HA!). I have recently found that asking/accepting help with my kiddo is not such a bad thing and I am finding it beneficial to both myself and my son!

I am currently staying at home with my 2 year old son and I happen to be 37 weeks pregnant. At times, this can be a very touch combo (as I am sure many of you already know with more than one kid). I have had some early contractions here and there and had to get some IV fluids once during these last few weeks. All pregnancies are different and this one for me has seem to be challenging, especially at the end.

A few friends have offered to take my son off my hands for a few hours. I know I have wonderful family and friends near by and I know they all would do anything for me, but when asked about helping me, I typically smile and say, "no thanks!" Well, the other day, a great friend of mine with two kids of her own asked to take my kiddo for the afternoon. I decided to take her up on that. I could really use the downtime and planned to do something productive without a two year old at my feet. My husband dropped him off AND (drumroll)...he had a ball!!!! In fact, when I went to pick him up, he didn't even run to me or act like he wanted to leave---he just continued playing! On the way home, he talked all about his friends and the fun they had playing with Paw Patrol (a favorite in our household).

Since then, I have started saying 'yes' to more offers of help. In my mind, I was feeling a little guilty letting someone else take him for a few hours, thinking I didn't want to put anyone out. But the truth is, these wonderful people in my life want to help and all love my son. This is just one of those 'mommy guilt' topics for me and let me say, I am letting go of this guilt and feeling great. Saying, "yes" to help, in anyway, is OK!

Have a wonderful weekend. Take care of yourself and enjoy issue #71!

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