Happy Friday!

This was a jam packed week with lots of great articles to read!

The upcoming snow storm had me thinking of what I was going to do stuck inside with the kids for potentially 2+ days. I found a great article, "29 Ways To Rock A Snow Day With Kids (Even If The Power Goes Out)". Make sure to check that one out, you will definitely find something to keep the kids busy with this weekend.

Also make sure to read the article, "One little change in how you talk to your kids can help them be more successful" and learn how making a simple change in how you speak can really help your little ones succeed.

I also really enjoyed the article, "Your parenting is the problem: We spend more time and money on parenting than ever — but we are getting worse". This is a great article about all the things we are doing wrong :)!

Oh and if you are hungry and looking for a delicious soup to warm you up this winter check out the vegetable soup recipe. Super easy, super yummy and a great way to get the kiddos to eat more veggies!

Enjoy this weeks issue and have a fantastic weekend.

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