Hello Darling Weekly readers! Hope you are having a great week and those of you hit by snow, hope you are staying warm!

As I have written about, I can now officially say I am mommy of two! WOW! Game changer. Last week we welcomed a healthy baby girl to our family. Now a family of four.

It has only been a week, but here are a few things I have quickly learned:

  1. Two year olds don't always love their sibling right away (or maybe ever--haha, I hope not).

  2. I am breastfeeding and I totally forgot how painful that can be at the beginning--ouch!

  3. Having amazing family and friends nearby is a HUGE BLESSING!!!

  4. Transitioning a toddler to a toddler bed during this time--NOT FUN.

  5. And on a high note, the last two days I got my two-year-old, newborn, and myself (most importantly) all taking naps at the same time--feeling successful!!!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your family time! Here's to issue #75.

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