Hello Darling Weekly readers! Here's to the weekend!

This issue is packed with some great reads. I connected with so many articles---especially, "The “I AM ENOUGH” Effect: Mom, Stop Criticizing Yourself – Your Daughter Is Watching." As a very new mom to a girl, this piece really hit home with me. Obviously, as parents, we know that our children see/hear everything and what we do/say has a BIG impact on them. Yet, this article took this connection to another level when it comes to mothers and daughters.

Many of the points made in this article stood out to me, including: the crazy exercise schedule some mothers try to keep, all the ways women try to changes themselves, and this stat really hit me: "that a mere 34% of female teen girls have a positive self-image of their body"--WOW! This is just unacceptable.

I liked the suggested made at the end of this piece. There are simple, yet very effective ways to help change the way our daughters feel about themselves--just by being mindful of our actions. This parenting thing is no joke. Our kids are like sponges, absorbing EVERYTHING (the good and the bad). To moms with daughters, remember, "Loving OURSELVES is the best gift we will ever give our daughters."

Take care of yourself, have a great weekend, and enjoy issue #77!

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